PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping Bra Review

Are you considering purchasing the best bra to improve your shape? Are you wondering whether PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping Bra is actually capable of reducing fat gain while preventing your breasts from sagging? Then, this review is for you. To find out whether this product is worth buying, read this review to the very end.

The fact that many products claim to provide the best services is due to the fact that people are always looking for easier ways to get quality services at a lower cost. Therefore, one needs to tread carefully when purchasing products online.

The PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping Bra

This butt lifting Bra is said to be capable of pushing arm and sub-mammary fat back into your breasts, thereby, assisting your muscles to return to their proper position, resulting in a slimming effect. Additionally, it is said to help improve blood circulation, reduce fat gain and stop breast sagging, among other things. The manufacturers claim that this bra gives you a busty look, by making your breasts appear bigger and fuller.

What does PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping Bra really do? We’ll find out shortly.

PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping Bra Features

The full-coverage bra has a pretty plunge in the center and a soft side-hugging lace. The sizes range from M to XXXXXL and the material is 85% polyester, 15% cotton.


Cold water should be used to hand wash the bra

Dry off in an airy place

The pros

Enhances metabolism and lymphatic drainage

Increases the size of the breasts

Breast cells should be activated

All Sports Suitable

Suitable for all body types and comfortable to wear.


A false claim has been made

Despite the claim that this bra reduces body waste and excess fat, we found that there are no noticeable changes after constantly wearing it for several weeks. The excess fats do not still go off as promised. Manufacturers use this claim as a marketing strategy to attract customers.

Customer reviews that are negative

The negative reviews we found on Amazon and other external sites attest to the fact that the product fails to deliver the satisfaction it promises. According to them, the PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping Bra does not have a zipper closure as specified, and the quality is so poor that it dies off after one wash.

It is said that PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping Bra has the ability to shape your body, prevent breast sagging, burn excess fat, and other benefits. Due to several negative customer reviews on Amazon, we are unable to guarantee its effectiveness.

Despite the fact that lymph bras are capable of giving you a great shape, we encourage buyers to always do their due diligence before purchasing any of these products.

A constant chest exercise program, portion control and calorie deficit, drinking fluids, and wearing the right size bra will help improve body metabolism, burn fat, and prevent sagging breasts. We have also reviewed Visisoothe, Icybliss Headache Relief Mask, and Slick Barrier products.

Please let us know if PrettyHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping Bra worked for you in the comment section.


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