Mia Goth’s Rise to Fame: Her Net Worth

This page contains information on Mia Goth’s Net Worth, Biography, Husband, age, height, weight, and many more details. It is estimated that Mia Goth has a net worth of $5 million in 2023. She is a very successful and famous actress from the United Kingdom who has achieved a lot of acclaim throughout her acting career. In recent years, she has gained immense success with her movies and television shows, making her one of the most prominent faces of our time.

Mia Goth

In the show business, she has been working since 2012, and she has been doing it for over a decade. She has mostly acted in big-screen movies, including some very successful ones. She made her big screen debut in 2013 in Nymphomaniac. You may also be interested in Julia Louis-Dreyfus Net Worth. She has worked in movies like The Survivalist, High Life, Suspiria, Emma, and many others. She has also won numerous awards for her acting work.

The net worth of Mia Goth

The actress Mia Goth has been in show business in England since 2012, and has appeared in some very successful shows and movies. Her primary role is on the big screen, but she has also appeared on a few television shows. During 2013, she made her big screen debut in the famous erotic film Nymphomaniac. Her acting credits later earned her global attention. She has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Name: Mia Goth
Salary: $3,00,000 +
Monthly Income: $20,000 +
Date of Birth: October 25, 1993
Age: 29 Yrs
Gender: Female
Height: 1.71m (5′ 7″)
Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs
Profession: English actress
Nationality: Brazilian, British, Canadian

Assets owned by Mia Goth

Home – Mia Goth is an actress from England, who has done phenomenal work in her care’. She has appeared in some very successful movies, and she has also co-written several of her works. Goth lives in Los Angeles, where she owns a beautiful house. Her UK properties are also hers.

She has a Range Rover, Jaguar, and Volvo in her car collection. She does not seem to be a car enthusiast, as such.

Biography of Mia Goth

In addition to being known all over the world by her first and last names, Mia Goth is a very successful and popular figure in English society. Her mother is Brazilian, and her father is Canadian, so she was raised in Brazil for the early part of her childhood. She was born in Southwark, London, England, on 25 October 1993. When she was just a few months old, she moved with her mother to Brazil.

She returned to the UK at the age of five and lived with her parents until the age of 10 in London. As a full-fledged family, they returned to Canada at the age of 12 when she returned to London and settled there. Her mother worked as a waitress to support her education and raise her.

She has been married to Shia LaBeouf since 2012 and they had planned to separate in 2018, but they reconciled and are now living a very happy life together.

Career and Awards of Mia Goth

When Mia Goth was chosen for the cast of the movie Nymphomaniac in 2012, she began her career as an actress. Her first feature film was released in 2013 and became her biggest success. After that, she earned several other shows and movies. She also appeared on television in 2013 on a show called The Tunnel, where she appeared in three episodes.

The Survivalist and Everest, two high-budget movies she appeared in in 2015, gained her huge success and made her a global star.

A Cure for Wellness and Marrowbone were two of her very famous movies in 2017, which won several awards and accolades on the international stage. Suspiria, High Life, Emma, Mayday, The House, and others were among her later successful movies.

As of 2022, she has appeared in two X Slasher films, X and Pearl. Goth has also won awards such as Independent Spirit Award, Critics Choice Super Awards, etc.

During her early years, Mia Goth changed dozens of schools. She moved from Brazil to England to Canada, and then to England again. She eventually attended Sydenham School. After that, she worked in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion

Besides being an incredible actress, Mia Goth also writes scripts. She has worked in plenty of very successful and award-winning movies. However, she hasn’t tended to work in television much. Since her debut in 2012, she has gained worldwide recognition for her acting talent. She also has millions of followers all over the world.


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