Leveraging Amazon Data to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with JungleScout!

Recently, we shown you where to find an item for that ecommerce store. For your slightly older retailers available, this publish will detail tips, methods, and tactics that may help you take the Volusion ecommerce store to another level-Amazon . com . com.

Two-thirds of internet product searches begin Amazon . com . com

You’ve probably shopped on Amazon . com . com before. With 59% of U.S. households being Amazon . com . com Prime people, it’s really no shocker that sixty-six per cent U.S. shoppers start their product explore Amazon . com . com.

Yet with different 2019 Feedvisor study, a maximum of 20% of U.S. shoppers looked on the web or other engines like google. In addition, nearly 90% of Amazon’s product views vary from company’s own product search rather than from advertising, merchandising, or product aggregators.

Pointless to condition, ecommerce is booming-and Amazon . com . com is on top.

Considering selling on Amazon . com . com? Here’s why you ought to.

One of the quickest and easiest techniques to expand your ecommerce brand is through Amazon . com . com. Besides Amazon . com . com offer you utilization of one of the largest and lots of loyal customer bases in the world, furthermore they provide numerous several benefits to produce selling online easier personally.

Amazon . com . com FBA

Amazon’s fulfillment network, Fulfillment-by-Amazon . com . com (FBA) allows you to certainly submit your product or service inventory for his or her fulfillment centers. Then, Amazon . com . com picks, packs, and ships individuals products inside your account. Sounds great right?

Let’s break it lower:

First, you return Amazon . com . com your products or services and so they store it in many their million-acre fulfillment centers. The fulfillment centers are massive warehouses run by robots and hands on Amazon . com . com employees.

Then, your products or services are inventoried and sorted. Each time a customer places an order on Amazon . com . com for that product, Amazon . com . com handles the transaction to suit your needs instantly.

Next, your product or service is chosen in the placed on Amazon’s warehouse shelves, packed in to a box, and shipped for the customer inside your account.

Amazon . com . com Customer Care

After your product or service requires the client, Amazon . com . com follows tabs on the customer to make sure situations are okay while using order. In case your return should be made, Amazon . com . com instantly takes proper proper care of that, too.

Plus, when Amazon . com . com fulfills your products or services to suit your needs, they handle any customer care issues that might arise inside the transaction. By doing this, you’ll be able to focus on expanding your brand.

Greater Conversions

Amazon . com . com can be a household name that has produced its place available on the market since the 1990s. Customers trust Amazon . com . com. Consumers convert for any cost of 13% on Amazon . com . com.com, nearly four occasions to the best 500 merchant’s average rate of conversion of three.32%. In comparison with typical conversion most ecommerce sellers are employed to, Amazon . com . com might be a game-changer for that business.

Using Amazon’s information for the competitive advantage

Even when you are not ready to start selling on Amazon . com . com, their data might be incredibly valuable for the business. How would you act in the event you could precisely predict the demand and profitability of something totally new you are considering selling? Find new suppliers to produce better products? Uncover a lot of keywords and merchandise connected using the products you are already selling inside your Volusion store?

Due to Amazon’s data and tools like Jungle Scout, that can be done just that plus much more.

In just 10 mins, Greg Mercer, founder and Ceo of Jungle Scout, explains the easiest method to use Amazon . com . com data to develop your brand by finding new related and lucrative products within your niche, or validate which from the products is ideal to promote on Amazon . com . com.

How Jungle Scout may help

Inside the video above, Jungle Scout’s Ceo and Founder Greg Mercer identified three Amazon . com . com pages that will help start your quest by finding new and greatest selling products available on the market. Have a look here:

Amazon . com . com Greatest Sellers: Figure out what the most effective 100 best-selling products on Amazon . com . com are.

Amazon . com . com Movers & Shakers: See which merchandise is upgrading the ranks the fastest, aiding you identify products by category which may be perfect to promote inside your store.

Amazon . com . com Hot New Releases: See insights into products recently put in Amazon . com . com that are flying in the shelves.

Greg also proven Jungle Scout’s two effective tools that will help you grow your website in multiple ways. Let’s participate in a little more:

Jungle Scout’s Extension

The Jungle Scout Extension works hands-in-hands with Amazon . com . com, supplying you with real-time data on products you are looking at. A part of your Chrome browser having a single click, Extension populates using the product page or internet search engine search engines you’re browsing. You will get sales estimates, competitive data, and profit projections in solid-time. You’ll be able to:

See whether a product idea can be a helpful investment with comprehensive sales data-the believed volume of monthly sales a product is putting on Amazon . com . com

Validate or eliminate any product idea with Extension’s Chance Score, which mixes demand, competition, and listing quality data to discover a product’s chance of success

View periodic trends using both Amazon . com . com trend data and Google Trend Analysis

Jungle Scout (Web-Based Tool)

The internet-based type of Jungle Scout has numerous tools that will help you take the Volusion business to another level. Jungle Scout houses an idea-finding engine using the ability to filter Amazon’s entire product catalog in a few minutes. You may even:

Explore awesome product ideas and validate existing ones with only a few clicks, choosing the best options and remaining from pricey mistakes

Filter products across multiple groups by demand, cost, believed sales, rating, seasonality, dimensions, plus much more

Find new keywords using customer search trends to create better products, increase brand exposure, and drive extra sales

Instantly access our Supplier Database of established factories getting an established good status for manufacturing products like yours, and discover their top customers and verified shipping records from around the world.

Ready for more information?

Hopefully, the following information and video helped familiarizes you with the requirement for Amazon . com . com data as well as the opportunity to grow your web business for his or her platform. If you want for more information and produce your web business to another level, make certain to have a look at Jungle Scout’s guide concerning how to Sell on Amazon . com . com.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout supports its users with Academy, a powerful library of educational content and sources to help allow you to get started selling, then scale your growth.

Lastly, make certain to assert your exclusive offer and save 50% on Jungle Scout just like a Volusion customer!

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