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ITR V Form is needed to become posted during the time of efiling of Tax Returns. However a question arises regarding what’s this type about why is it needed to become posted physically whenever we have previously posted the ITR Form Online. This short article attempts to highlight the reason behind dependence on delivering physical copy of the form and The best way to download ITR V Form Online.

What’s ITR V?

ITR V means Tax Return Verification and it is an Acknowledgement Slip that is generated on submitting the Tax Return Online. In situation you’ve posted your Tax Return making use of your Digital Signature, you will not be needed to download, sign the ITR Verification Form and send exactly the same towards the Tax Deptt as the Tax Return could have been signed digitally making use of your Digital Signature.

However, in situation it’s not necessary an electronic Signature, you could file your Tax Return online without needing an electronic Signature and send the ITR V towards the Tax Dept. Greater than 80% from the Indians do not have Digital Signatures and file their Tax Returns without needing Digital Signatures and send the ITR V Acknowledgement Form by publish.

It is usually needed to sign any type before delivering it as being it is part of the declaration proclaiming that all details which have been furnished are true and fair & correct and finish in most respects.

How you can Download ITR V

The ITR V Form is send towards the email id from the Assessee as reported by the records from the Tax Department i.e. the e-mail id that you simply joined during the time of creating your user-id and password on world wide

The consumer can download the ITR Acknowledgement Form from his registered mailbox. The ITR V would be delivered to your registered mailbox in the email id – In situation the ITR V is not received, the citizen can also be requested to determine the Junk e-mail Folder within the mailbox as sometimes the mail lands within the Span folder.

Password for ITR V Pdf

The ITR V delivered to the e-mail id from the assessee is really a password protected zip file to make sure that it’s utilized through the appropriate user. The ITR Password is a mix of the PAN No. from the Assessee ( in small letters) and also the Birth date. For eg: when the PAN is AAAAA0000A and also the Birth date is 10-Jan-2008, then your ITR V Password could be aaaaa0000a10012008.

Download ITR V from Tax Website

In situation you haven’t received your ITR Acknowledgement by email, you are able to login for your requirements on world wide by which your Tax Return was submitted on the internet and view Returns/Forms

After signing in for your requirements, Click My Account > My Returns. Choose the Year that you wish to download the ITR V and click on submit. On submitting these records, the portal will highlight the Date which the Return was filed, the efiling acknowledgement no., the e-mail id which ITR Verification Form continues to be sent and also the choice for installing ITR V.

Delivering ITR V Acknowledgement

The Assessee is needed to consider a print from the ITR Acknowledgement form, sign exactly the same and shall sent it by normal publish or by speed publish simply to

This ITR V Form shall to delivered to the CPC from the Tax Dept. around the above pointed out address within 4 months of filing the Tax Return Online.

The Tax Dept doesn’t issue any receipt on receiving this type. However, in situation the shape isn’t received through the Tax Dept. within 4 months, they are doing send a indication email for the similar.

Suggests be noted while delivering ITR V

ITR Acknowledgement Form ought to be printed in Black And White only

Don’t print any watermark around the ITR Acknowledgement Form. The only real allowable watermark is from the Tax Dept. that is printed instantly on every form.

  • Only A4 Size sheets ought to be used
  • Avoid typing anything on the rear of paper of the form
  • In situation you’re submitting original in addition to Revised Return, don’t print them consecutive. Use 2 separate papers for printing the ITR Acknowledgements individually.
  • Don’t submit every other document/form/annexure/covering letter etc. combined with the Covering Letter

In situation excess advance tax continues to be compensated or excess TDS continues to be deducted and reflected healthy 26AS than the Self Assessment Tax as computed through the citizen for that stated Financial Year, the quantity of tax to become refunded could be reflected within the ITR V and could be refunded for you together with Interest @ 6%.

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