How to Turn Your Etsy Shop into Your Own Store!

Managing a web-based store with Etsy is a powerful way to start your organization, but when it’s time to develop your internet presence, beginning your individual web store needs to be next inside your list. We’ll supply you with the step-by-step walkthrough of the way to exhibit your Etsy shop for your own web store. From importing your products or services to disbursing the word relating to your new store, we’ve got the back.

This is exactly what you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s beneficial for that business to start a standalone ecommerce store furthermore to marketplace profiles like Etsy.
  • A measure-by-step process for transferring your organization effectively from Etsy to have an online storefront.
  • The best way to direct traffic and purchases from your Etsy Look for your standalone store to reduce the amount compensated in seller’s charges.
  • The best way to utilize social media and marketing tactics to effectively promote your store and acquire observed by potential customers.

It’s Time to Make Your Business Your Individual

Just like a founder and entrepreneur, you have to consider the long run success from the web store. Running your organization solely round the Etsy platform can eventually stunt your store’s growth. You’ll be fully based on Etsy to function your organization – in addition you have to pay high charges and limit your design options, nonetheless they can raise transaction or payment processing charges anytime (as we view with eBay). The simplest way to future proof your internet store is simply by creating something own and possess full charge of – your personal website.

Transitioning Your Etsy Shop to Volusion

Ensure your product or service catalog expires-to-date

In situation your Etsy shop is not current, you will have to increase the risk for changes necessary to don’t get to produce additional updates whenever you import your products or services for the Volusion platform. Fixing any existing issues before beginning the transition process will stop you from dealing with complete double work.

  • These updates may include:
  • Product prices
  • Display quality and size
  • Product descriptions
  • Shipping details and additional options

Once you are certain your product or service catalog is and also up-to-date, we’ll need to download a listing of all of your products, prices, etc. from Etsy to make sure that we could upload it for your new web store:

Create a CSV File on Etsy

  • Shop Manager > Settings > Download Data > Download CSV
  • Import important computer data to Volusion applying this CSV file
  • You’re Ready to Import!

This Help Center article is a good resource that will help you when importing your Etsy shop for your Volusion store – it requires only a few clicks! If you’re employing a different ecommerce platform, search their internal help documentation for bulk product upload instructions.

Our “Go-Live Checklist” is a good way to obtain guidance too. When transitioning over, you’ll be able to skim through this listing to make certain you don’t forget any crucial steps!

Begin To See Traffic and purchases from your Etsy Shop: Transition for the Volusion Store

You’ll find easy and quick updates you possibly can make for the Etsy shop that will tell your clients from the new ecommerce store. They are available searching toward the transition by supplying incentives! Ultimately, you have to give them grounds why they need to shop your brand-new store rather of ongoing to appear on Etsy. Listed here are some suggestions & methods begin with to assist in the smoother transition.

  • Access Your Etsy Shop Analytics
  • Navigate to: Your Etsy Account > Shop Manager > Stats > Traffic Sources

What drives most likely probably the most individuals to your shop? Is it directly locating through Etsy, by having an exterior search or using a social media outlet?

You have to see where your customers are via to be able to implement marketing tactics inside your social media accounts.

Enhance Your Message to Buyers

This is often a message incorporated on receipt pages and is within the email that buyers receive after they obtain your shop.

Are the URL plus a message relating to your new website.

You’ll be able to give a discount or possibly a motivation getting a positive approach.

For example: “Visit us at our NEW website and obtain a 15% discount inside your first order. Use code 15 at Shop today!”

Enhance your “Shop Announcement” getting a brief blurb relating to your new website and approaching transition.

Give a Discount

When you ship an order for your Etsy customers, you’ll be able to insert a card or possibly a coupon encouraging those to bypass your Etsy shop to buy from your store directly. Repeat customers will navigate for the store rather of coming back to acquire your Etsy shop. With time, this can help to reduce the amount of transaction charges you’d have to pay to Etsy. Here’s one particular card training regimen inside your packaging:

Tip: Good quality and cost-effective sites that may help you create similar cards are Vistaprint and Moo.

Updating Your Social Pages and Applying Marketing Tactics

It’s quite common behavior for Etsy shoppers to discover many shops through social media or exterior outlets. To determine which outlets your customers are employing to discover your organization, think about your Etsy statistics and assess your most broadly used traffic sources. You can narrow it lower while focusing your time and energy on individuals specific media outlets to ultimately revert people to your Volusion store.


Updating the direct link in the product pin for the product page inside your Volusion store, is really a clean transition and may bring individuals to the actual product page where they can create a purchase. This plan of action might also avoid a heightened bounce rate.

Updating purchase links directing any visitors for the Volusion store, will be traffic and purchases transitioning for the store from Etsy.

For future pinning, pin out of your Volusion store. Enable Pinterest inside the admin portion of your store and pin out of your product’s product page.


Enhance your “About” section inside your page to include contact information along with your new Volusion store URL.

Publish in regards to the new transition to create buzz across the new site before the launch. This could tell your supporters and acquire them excited.

All posts includes your site name and may be connected together with your Volusion store. If you would like help choosing business or domains, check out our organization name generator or our Etsy shop name generator tools.


Utilize the Instagram business platform. The working platform displays a specialist look and categorizes your Instagram feed just like a business.

Link all product posts your Volusion store.

Add your store URL inside the “bio” section. You may even come with an incentive why they need to shop your store. (Totally free, discounts, new deals, etc.)

  • Create buzz through posts and tales in regards to the approaching store launch.
  • Use hashtags that you just feel are being looked by visitors who’d be thinking about your products or services.
  • Marketing Tactics: Learn to Get targeted traffic to Your Individual Site
  • Listed below are 6 types of traffic you have to focus on when you transition from Etsy:


Inside a few easy steps, you’ll be able to transition your Etsy shop to create your personal Volusion store and produce your company to new heights.

Volusion offers the opportunity to increase your company and just build and advertise your web store. Bear in mind all the several benefits you’ll find like a part of the Volusion family! Our 24/7 Support Team will be here that will help you within this transition. In addition to, our online Help Center is full of an important volume of sources for instance articles and video lessons.

Speak with a professional today to educate yourself regarding design and marketing tactics to attain a benefit over your competition!

Have queries about transitioning from Etsy? Inform us inside the comments!

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