How to Leverage Social Media Reviews for Ecommerce Success

If you don’t make certain to win testimonials on social media, you’re shooting yourself inside the ft.

Why? Because reviews improve brand status, generate credibility, and offer social proof that will help influence consumer behavior.

Try taking some figures?

  • Testimonials on social media can boost revenue up to 62%.
  • Online reviews influence buying decisions of 88% of shoppers.
  • An impressive 83% of shoppers uncover new products via testimonials.
  • Very good news: you’re a fast scroll from learning to win social media reviews for that internet business.
  • Focus on the Right Social Media Channels

Consider this: there are 2.7 billion social media users in the world. Making social media platforms a goldmine for internet business proprietors.

But which social media channels for optimum Roi?

True, you’ll be able to pinpoint which social media channels generate most likely probably the most traffic via Google Analytics (here’s how to make it happen). But chances are, you realize-or determines via Google Analytics-that Google and facebook reviews perform most optimally for B2b and B2C companies.

Continue studying for a lot of quick easy methods to setup Facebook and (should you then possess a brick-and-mortar shop) Google reviews to solicit comments from customers.


Enable testimonials inside your ecommerce store’s Facebook page. This will help gather social media reviews instantly.



Verify your organization via Google’s My Opportunity. For individuals who’ve a standard (physical) store, Google reviews will help you acquire a broader audience and enable for just about any constant stream of testimonials (here’s how.)


Know when to ask about reviews on social media

Approaching customers within the wrong time is similar to tossing your reviews atop a blazing bonfire. You need to be smart about timing.

First, approach customers when they are probably the most happy: within two to three times of purchase. That’s usually when they have been already test-driven and enjoyed your product or service.

Second, according to ReviewTrackers, it’s best to ask about an assessment between 2-3 PM and 6-7 PM.

When shouldn’t you request an evaluation on social media? Using the ReviewTrackers data-an analysis more than 150,000 reviews-skip the dead hrs of two-3 AM.


As with every research, you have to simply take the above mentioned pointed out findings just like a beginning point. Run your individual experiments to determine which utilizes your web business.

Solicit Social Media Reviews via Email

Up to now, so excellent: you understand which platforms to pay attention to then when to approach customers. Now you should get the very first social media review to start driving sales aimed at your website.

One of the better ways to accomplish this is through email promotions. Just send customers an email getting a connect with either your Facebook page or Google business listing and ask for an assessment.

Need proof it’s worth the effort? An impressive 68% of customers will write an assessment in the event you inquire further.

Here’s a bulletproof formula for requesting an assessment via email:

Personalization is important. Nobody likes generic messages, so make time to personalize emails for each customer. For example, you might mention the item(s) purchased and hang the client’s name within your body and/or subject kind of the e-mail.

Don’t beat across the plant. Keep the email snappy and acquire straight to the level. Almost everybody has neither time nor the eye span to determine extended emails.

Drop an appointment-to-action. Plus a direct connect to action-oriented language (“Follow the link to inform us!”) will prompt individuals to follow-through and maximize your prosperity rate.

Try taking some real-existence inspiration? Look at this Coschedule self-help guide to see 20 email examples from top brands.

Convey a call-to-action inside your homepage

It is always good if you’re able to get social media reviews instantly? Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine it.

In the event you plant a CTA inside your homepage, customers leaves reviews without you lifting a finger. However, as Thomas Gerencer, journalist and career expert at Zety, puts it: “You will need a stellar CTA. Otherwise, it’ll have the identical impact just like a fly around the vehicle home windows.”

We advise examining the Daily Egg’s guide on allowing the right CTA button.

Handle negative social media reviews as being a pro

You can think that negative surveys are instantly dangerous to your web business. But here’s the factor-when there isn’t any bad reviews, a jaw-shedding 95% of shoppers will think that something is fishy.

That could dent your brand credibility and push your revenue off a higher high cliff. So as opposed to deleting negative feedback, make buddies from it. Here’s how:

Always respond to negative social media reviews. You’ll win the trust in the 78% of shoppers who think companies be worried about their customers after they acknowledge negative feedback.

Apologize for your customer’s bad experience. You can start by saying something similar to, “Hey [name], I’m really sorry to hear you’d an undesirable understanding about [issue].”

Make conversation offline. Don’t air the dirty laundry, and continue to keep things private involving the customer. Ensure it is apparent that you’d like for more information and could better assist them to when communicating directly. For example: “Can you please get in contact at [] to be able to better understand your trouble? I’ll happily invest every ounce of my energy to solve it to suit your needs as rapidly as you possibly can.”

Assess the issue and implement changes. When they go to the client experience better and prove that you just take actionable steps to solve your customers’ issues.

There you have it: five juicy techniques for winning testimonials on social media.

What’s your understanding about getting individuals to leave reviews? What strategies work healthy for you? Inform us inside the comments below!

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