COVID-19: How We’re Helping Businesses Help Their Communities with Volusion Curbside!

As champions for businesses, we at Volusion focus on offering you with helpful information and sources for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. In this particular publish, we introduce our free hosting with payments offering for affected brick and mortars.

Presenting Volusion Curbside

Local physical information mill facing uncertainty at the moment. At Volusion, we’re feeling in founders and business proprietors in addition to their capacity to enhance the lives from the buddies, families, employees, and customers.

For businesses that don’t provide an ecommerce solution, Volusion is supplying an chance to construct an internet-based ecommerce presence, offer curbside pickup, that really help maintain their communities going. We are proud to supply free hosting and payments to brick and mortars through VOLT. This offer includes a free year of hosting on VOLT, our best-in-class ecommerce platform, by utilizing Volusion Payments.

Developing a store on VOLT gives you utilization of ecommerce revenue and curbside pickup while helping you to retain really your revenue-you don’t have to depend only on UberEats, Seamless, or other delivery platforms to help keep earnings. Other services have a big cut of profit, but VOLT can provide companies a means to setup an online business as well as their revenue. We’re also offering dedicated assistance and guidance for businesses who’re searching to acquire online.

Restart your revenue stream, sell your products or services online, and supply local pickup for the customers with VOLT.

Learn More About Volusion Curbside

The benefits of Taking Your Organization Online

Adding an ecommerce revenue stream for the business can help you weather storms and supply your customers a funnel for ongoing their relationship together with you. Making use of your language, design choices, and customer care, you might still give you the same local flavor your customers know and love. Even better, you are able to expand your achieve and delight new shoppers all over the world.

You’d like to learn What You Believe

Within this unparalleled time, it’s nice to hear tales of shops who’re going far beyond to help fight COVID-19’s impact. If you’re offering essential services, we’d love that you ought to play in the program. Get in touch with us at

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