COVID-19: How to Support Your Favorite Small Businesses!

As champions for businesses, we at Volusion focus on offering you with helpful information and sources for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. In this particular publish, we advise techniques to support local and businesses over these trying occasions.

The best way to Support Business At The Moment

With shoppers restricted to their properties, businesses have the financial strain of lower-than-normal operations. See the links below for easy methods to help:

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Verizon’s Pay It Forward Live

Keep Your City Smiling-Presently dedicated to Dallas businesses, but chances are it will expand to La, San Francisco Bay Area, and Portland (Or), with elevated urban centers later on.

  • Rally for Restaurants
  • Kabbage
  • Support Volusion Businesses

It’s an enjoyable experience to band together that really help your chosen local and businesses when you buy or purchasing from their website if you are in a position to. Trying to find further businesses to assist? Right here are a handful of Volusion retailers accepting orders:


  • Lamaze offers organic baby clothes inside a friendly cost. Area of the comes from you purchase the vehicle visits Lamaze Worldwide, a non-profit centered on educating new moms.
  • URchic provides unique, luxe fashion within an affordable cost point. They offer totally free on all orders over $100.
  • THADDEA could be the branded sports apparel pioneer for your “Heroic.” They offer 20% from the first order.

Bath & Beauty

  • TerraNova sells simple, true body care using premium plant ingredients, fresh evocative fragrances, and authentic formulas that perform. They are offering a totally free bar of soap with every single to inspire hands-washing.
  • Meadowlake Farm Skincare creates truly healthy skincare using organic honey and beeswax in the household farm becasue it is foundation. They offer totally free on purchases over $75.
  • BA STAR Makeup provides performance makeup for dancers and cheerleaders. They offer totally free on purchases over $55.


  • Quiltin4Fun sells the most effective quilting thread, pantographs, as well as other quilting products. They offer totally free on all orders over $125.
  • Poplollies Boutique stocks and ships over 700 different beads and jewellery findings. Enjoy their totally free on all orders over $70.
  • offers painting supplies, books & DVDs, and swag connected using the famous Pleasure of Painting host, Bob Ross.

Food & Beverage

  • The Sausage Maker carries all that you should are a fantastic sausage, including casings, seasonings, stuffers, plus much more. They offer totally free on all orders over $75.
  • Kiffle Kitchen Bakery could be the world’s largest producer of authentic hands-folded kiffles as well as other bakery treats. All of their products freeze ideal for roughly 6 several days.
  • Gourmet Canadia offers Gourmet Canadiana, Cheena, and Walnut Terroir brands of authentic Canadian niche foods. Enjoy their 25% off-site-wide purchase until April 30, 2020.

Home & Decor

  • The Low Comforter Store sells 100% cruelty free duck and goose lower pillows created in Denmark. They offer totally free plus a deal throughout the day.
  • Affordable Art 101 concentrates on rare prints by famous artists from suppliers. They offer a thirty day money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Pillow Decor provides throw pillows and inserts in a wide array of colors, sizes, and fashions. Their items will set the right finishing touches inside your rooms’ decor.

Pet Care

  • North Coast Pets provides natural pet products with regard to your creatures from suppliers. They offer gift certificates for sale too.
  • Edible Animal Treats is dedicated to offering pets rich in quality, healthy, safe, and fun products. All materials are sourced exclusively in the U . s . States.
  • The Pish Pad Store sells professional grooming supplies and luxury dog products for show dogs, loveable mutts, and every pup among. They offer totally free on all orders.

Sports & Entertainment

  • carries the very best in skating equipment and accessories to provide the most effective skating experience. They offer totally free on select skates over $100.
  • Element Outfitters sells an entire selection of camping, hiking, fishing, running, biking, hunting, paddling, plus much more. They offer totally free on purchases of $50 or maybe more.
  • Hitting World concentrates on obtaining the finest-quality softball and baseball equipment for everybody and talent levels. They offer reductions for teams and organizations.


  • Supplies Outlet sells the greatest quality printer toner and ink within the best rates. They offer 15% from the first order.
  • Hobby Meisters carries the newest kids’ toys from Marvel, Ghostbusters, Disney, and every fantasy company among to charm any age. They offer Bundle Packs for mega savings.
  • Eastern Leaf can be a store of Zen Gardening Gifts, including bonsais, lucky bamboo, money trees, orchids, succulents, and air plants. They offer totally free on purchases over $100.

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