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The next analysis on Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman will direct you in the the latest outrage and what triggered the misery amongst the black local community.

Elegance has no gender and color. Every person is beautiful and possesses their attributes. But just recently, somebody from Columbia University produced a racist tweet that annoyed the full united states. News reports has left a poor impact on individuals of the usa and worldwide.

This post worries Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman, informing you regarding what experienced took place fairly recently and what was tweeted about dark people. Please go through this article if you do not know much about it.

Who is Ms. Gatwech?

Prior to we start our research, folks must know concerning this woman, Ms. Gatwech. Nyakim Gatwech is really a product from United states. Gatwech is Southern Sudanese Descent’s model. Your local men and women and her supporters call her the queen of your dark. She actually is fifteen-4 years older and contains motivated numerous fresh women. Her motivational quotes and royalty in her own seems in the pictures are making her elegance feeling.

About Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman

Lately, Ms. Gatwech has placed an image on the social media. The seat of your University of Columbia, Jeffrey Lieberman, tweeted in response to her photo and known as her a “freak of character.” He talked about this reply to darkish-skinned females, and it also had been a racist remark. He was right away suspended on Wednesday, February 23, 2022. In the future, his Youtube account was suspended. Everyone is beautiful if it is the artist’s work or freak of nature. No one has the ability to defame and disrespect anybody’scaste and color, religious beliefs. Folks revealed hatred from the comments by Jeffrey.

As per Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman, strict actions were taken against him, which will surely affect his career.

Apology by Jeffrey

He sent e-mails to his colleagues in which he apologized for his comment on the model, before he was suspended from the university and his Twitter account got suspended. He recognized his mistake and said the remark was “offensive terms and racist.” Dr. Jeffrey is, a respected psychiatrist as well as a professional in schizophrenia, was taken from the career of a psychiatrist. And that we are positive that it would have an effect on his career and his document should not be ignored.

Tha Harsh Truth

As a result, a meeting was called to appoint the new interim chair. As the Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman got suspended, many people attended the zoom meeting to look into the matter and decide. Away from which many of them had been black colored women. It was known as an crazy take action. Thomas Smith, the newest director, tweeted and noticed sorrowful on Jeffrey’s showed and comment his suffering about the review. Every person sensed responsible in the section in reaction to Jeffrey’s racist feedback.


Covering up this articles, we discussed the challenge, and it also was an unacceptable work with a recognized character. The respond made distress on the list of folks, plus it harm the sentiments of your black color local community. As a result, the Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman got suspended, and strict actions would be taken. Make sure you check this backlink to know more information on Jeffrey Lieberman.

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