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You can find out about Ariel Winter’s net worth, biography, wife, age, height, weight, and many other details on this page. In 2023, Ariel Winter is an American actress who has a net worth of around $20 million. For her television roles, Ariel Winter earned $200,000 per episode. She starred in the ABC comedy series Modern Family as Alex Dunphy.

Ariel Winter

As a voice artist for the Disney Junior show Sofia the First, Ariel Winter achieved exceptional success as her title character. Though she started her career in the entertainment industry at a very young age with a Cool Whip commercial, she has managed to complete her higher studies in spite of her busy schedule.

Salary of Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter earned a salary of $20,000 per episode before joining the Modern Family Cast. Her salary for the movies she starred in during this period was $180,000.

Ariel Winter earned $30,000 per episode during the first season of Modern Family.

During the fourth and fifth seasons of Modern Family, Ariel Winter earned $110,000 per episode.

The final season of Modern Family paid Ariel Winter $200,000 per episode.

Before Modern Family, Ariel Winter’s net worth was

The net worth of Ariel Winter

was only $500,000. However, within five years of the show’s commencement, Ariel Winter has grown to more than $4 million. During the final season of Modern Family, Ariel Winter’s net worth has increased fivefold. See Sarah Hyland Net Worth for more information.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Name: Ariel Winter
Salary: $200,000
Monthly Income: $430,000
Date of Birth: January 28, 1998
Age: 25 Yrs
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Weight: 123 lbs / 56 kg
Profession: Actress
Nationality: American

Instagram income for Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter has over 4.9 million followers on Instagram. Brands approach Ariel Winter to promote their products through her social media accounts. For each brand promotion or sponsorship post, Ariel Winter earns $300,000 million. With the help of such brand promotions, Ariel Winter has earned over $4 million in the past year.

Earnings of Ariel Winter’s business

In order to market her cosmetics and fragrances to her followers, Ariel Winter engages millions of followers through her social media accounts like Instagram. Ariel Winter saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing costs and earns millions of dollars in revenue. Over the past 12 months, Ariel Winter has generated gross sales of over $8 million and made a profit up to $2 million. Check out Ty Burrell’s Net Worth.

Winter House of Ariel

This 9,800 square-foot luxury house is located in Virginia, U.S. Ariel Winter bought this house for a price of $12 Million dollars. Ariel Winter’s house has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a game room, and more.

Assets & Investments of Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter’s assets include 5 real estate properties, 6 cars, 1 luxury yacht. Ariel Winter’s Assets Portfolio also includes Cash Reserves of over $7 Million. Ariel Winter also owns an investment portfolio of 8 stocks valued at $4 million. Ariel Winter owns the following stocks.


The McDonald’s


Streaming services

The annual income of Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter owns over five real estate properties, which she receives rent income from. She also has more than $4 Million in bank deposits and government bonds, which she receives interest and dividend payments on each year. Ariel Winter earns more than $250,000 USD per year from her rental properties. Ariel Winter also earns $280,000 per year from dividends and interest.

Loans and Liabilities of Ariel Winter

While attending college, Ariel Winter took out a $42,000 student education loan. However, after gaining fame on television and earning enormous amounts of money, she repaid the loan in full.

As part of her business expansion, Ariel Winter received a loan of $2 Million from Morgan Stanley a couple of years ago. This loan is currently outstanding with Morgan Stanley, and is included in the calculation of her net worth.

As Ariel Winter has not inherited much wealth from her family, her entire net worth has been earned by him over the past decade. By investing wisely in the stock market and real estate, Ariel Winter earns a huge amount of income each month, which will continue to grow her wealth.

Cars owned by Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter recently bought a Jaguar F-PACE for $140,000 USD. Ariel Winter also owns a Range Rover Sport that cost her $210,000 USD.

Vellfire by Toyota

Q2 by Audi

GLA Mercedes-Benz

Family and education of Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter Workman is her full name

Crystal Workman and Glenn Workman are parents

Jimmy Workman and Shanelle Workman are siblings

University of California, Los Angeles, Campbell Hall (2016).

Single status

Ariel Winter: Exclusive Facts

Aquarius is the zodiac sign of

Bacon is my favorite dish

Maroon is my favorite color

Volleyball is my favorite sport

Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite musicians

Hungary is my favorite holiday destination

Vin Diesel is my favorite actor

The lucky number nine (9)

Dark brown eyes

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